Allow us to introduce ourselves.

I could bore you with the usual taglines used to attract highly valued eyeballs on your sites like “fresh ” or “edgy” or even the dreaded “NEW”. Now don’t get me wrong all those words do work well, but that’s not Us. We’re ‘supportive’ ‘progressive’ and dare I say it we’re ‘Boastful’ and that’s what art should be. Loud, Proud and Unapologetic.

When I first started building this platform I thought of all the cool artful names I could use. There were some subdued ones and some really uninspiring ones but nothing really fit quite right. Not until I watched Netflix’s highly acclaimed show ‘Abstract: The Art of Design” that I released how much of our surroundings are created by amazing Artists that have pushed boundaries of our imagination. By all means, they should be screaming from the rooftops, plastering their names on everything, taking up space and being nothing short of being Boastful about their artistic identity. Hence Boast-iD.

Our platform is not only about selling, but that’s also just a tiny piece of the ecosystem we are building. Boast-iD aims to be a living thriving community that puts Artist’s growth and integrity at the forefront. We want growing Artists to be able to make a living on their own terms, for students to get first-hand knowledge from fellow artists and be inspired by different views and techniques.

As we start this journey we look forward; forward to meeting amazing talent from across the world, forward to learning more about you and your craft, we look forward to Boasting about your craft. We look forward to You.

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