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Artist Spotlight: Paola DeGio

For our first ever ‘Artists Spotlight’ feature we take a deep dive with an up and coming mixed media artists Paola DeGio.

For our first Artists spotlight, we are proud to have Paola DeGio. The talented Mixed Media Artist shared
with us her passion and inspiration for the creative space she occupies. With visually bold prints and
delicate notes Paola, in her own words, gives us a peek into her world.

What Medium truly captures your creativity?

I have been a photographer since my late teens, being very inquisitive, I took many creative tangents, but photography is still my main medium to express my creativity. I also paint abstract watercolors and create pattern designs by using the ancient technique called marbling.

Pink Marbling Peonies

What inspires you?

Nature is one of my main sources of inspiration when it comes to photography, I simply immerse myself in whatever environment I am, either natural or urban. Unique situations, settings, encounters, dramatic lights, and colors are also the reasons why I carry with me my camera all the time, great images to be taken are everywhere, one only needs to observe.

What Challenges had you had to overcome within your Artistic Career?

I had to develop a marketing attitude, because there is a huge difference between being creative and make a living out of my photos and artwork. To my surprise, I have discovered that I enjoy everything about marketing and branding, but in these uncertain times like many creatives, the main obstacle is to generate enough revenue to make my creative business viable.

Charcoal Leaves

How has your Art impacted your individual growth?

Art has quite literally kept me sane, grounded, made me strong, and helped me go through emotional turmoil and life’s challenges. Be creative is almost an addiction, sometimes I feel selfish because I do what makes me happy. I have had self-image issues for a long time, but I feel I am gorgeous through my art and my photographs, also because my creations bring joy, happiness to clients and social media fans, I feel connected to people and other fellow creatives through my art and I get a kick out of what other people see in my work and what feelings.

Visit Paola’s Store, Meanmagenta Photography , on the Boast-iD platform to see more of her artworks.

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