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What could make anyone start a brand from scratch? For Citlalli Parra, founder of CITLALLI PARRA, it was simple and straightforward, “I was eager to have A Huipil but I couldn’t afford one at the time, so I decided to take weaving lessons and made my first Huipil and that gave me the green light to start my brand CITLALLI PARRA.”

Handmade and with zero waste techniques

With that one lesson, a passion and desire to immerse herself in traditional textiles and natural fibers was born.  Born into a family of social activists, Citlalli knew her brand had to incorporate sustainability and social development; it’s in her DNA after all. When recently asked what sustainability looks like for the brand Citlalli was clear “Sustainability for CITLALLI PARRA means that all our collections are sustained by the environment without harming it and without hard or abusive labor.” With her work with local artisans, the brand has been able to produce items using sustainable techniques such as working with natural fibers, using floor looms, natural dyes, and using no chemicals, no leathers or any products deemed detrimental to the environment and artisans.

Community is the cornerstone for the brand as Citlalli explains “ My community shaped me positively because it has given CITLALLI PARRA positive feedback. Receiving either bad or positive feedback, in the end, always pushes me to go beyond my limits, if it’s something negative I won’t take it personally and just be as brave and authentic as I can be. The positive feedback from my community makes me feel even more humble and grateful because I sense a connection between us; it keeps us going and keeps us being inspired.”

An Indigenous Textile used by Citlalli Parra in their collections

And her community has truly stood by her with over 20 handmade one-of-kind pieces to their name CITLALLI PARRA is growing in leaps and bounds. For their founder connecting with her customer is paramount “I’d love to see my brand impacting people’s philosophy in making conscious decisions of what to wear, what to eat, and what to read. I also want consumers to dig into what’s behind the finished product, what’s the story behind it, who’s making it, where it’s been produced, what we choosing to feed our mind-body, and souls. I see my brand impacting positively on the environment and giving back by our donations from sales to environmental and animal preservation causes. To choose quality versus quantity. I see CITLALLI PARRA growing by partnering with different artisans from different parts of the globe so we can show to people everywhere the beauty that surrounds us and be more lovable and respectful with it.”

Local artisans that work with Citlalli Parra

With any small business accessing your target markets and growing your brand is hard and it’s even harder when one is a sustainable brand. For Citlalli, this has meant investing in telling their story, mission, and values while also connecting with local artisans, conscious shoppers, and producing their products to the highest standards.

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