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My passion for traditional artisanal techniques started when I visited a workshop in a village operated by indigenous women in the southeast of Mexico. There I realized the incredible cultural richness in my country and the amazing things we could do together in collaboration” And with that one visit Guillermo Jester was born

When Guillermo Jester first started his namesake brand the mission was simple: collaborate, bring a spotlight to indigenous artisans and educate consumers on conscious clothing. Eleven years later with numerous awards and international recognition, Guillermo Jester is well placed as one of Mexico’s biggest brands.   With an impassive background, Guillermo has given workshops on artisan design, industry quality, and fair trade operations to different groups of artisans. Guillermo has also championed the resurgent of artisanal techniques such as backstrap loom, iconography, and embroidery which is taking center stage in upcoming trends and international shows.

Backstrap Looming by Artisan

At the heart of Guillermo Jester is their dedication to sustainability in every step of the design process. From designing a piece of clothing to fabric choice to packaging and intended use is carefully analyzed to study the real impact of each element and its interaction to its environment. ” We apply our knowledge to our projects through collaborations with artisans, through fair trade practice, and being transparent through our processes. From our social media, web page, labels, and through all our touch points we encourage people to understand what is behind every design.” says Guillermo.  From using zero waste techniques, indigenous textiles, and handmade embroidery every piece from any collection is instantly tied to the heritage and history of their artisans helping tell their stories to the world. As we start to see more mainstream brands and conglomerates move into developing and scaling their circular models, Guillermo Jester has perfected incorporating local artisans and key actors into their long-term circular efforts. ” For us, our community is everything, the way we work and care for each other. The friendships that we build, cherish, and care for is evident to our clients as we encourage them to take part in our processes and learn with us”

Pleated Maxi Skirt in Olive Green
Pleated Skirt and Top By Guillermo Jester

In a world where fast and convenient is means selling volume instead of craft and sustainability means expensive, changing people’s mindset in this current climate is the biggest challenge for many sustainable brands. To circumnavigate this, by reaching out and interacting with every step of their supply chain, Guillermo Jester has built a solid, transparent, and authentic community that not only buys their clothes but engages with their processes and craft. This community understands the value and commitment that Guillermo has invested in various communities around Mexico

Embroidery By Maria Antonia

With various partnerships across the world, Guillermo Jester has also joined us to help champion their message, brand story and reach new audiences. We couldn’t be prouder to call them treasured friends.

For more information or have questions or concerns reach out to us at info@boast-id.com

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