How do I apply to sell on the Boast-iD platform?

To find out how to apply to sell on Boast-iD, click here.

Consider the following if you wish to improve your chances of being noticed:

  • Submit high quality images. Your shop will be managed by you, so quality photography will show us that you are committed to a professional, well-managed shop.
  • Be as specific as you can while completing the details of your artworks.
  • Add a blog to your store to generate an audience
  • Show your best work. All artists produce works in their portfolio that are less strong. That’s okay. But show us that you understand that it’s about quality, not quantity. Bad quality work will detract from your good work. Know when an artwork is not ready for prime time.
  • Online presence. We will do as much as we can to market your works but artist should also have an online presence to build your audience