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Effective marketing is instrumental to any business’s success. In today’s era cutting through the noise is proving to be extremely difficult for a novice brand. Current channels of acquisition such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are dominated by established legacy brands or brands with deep enough pockets to reach their market. Getting views and dedicated followers on your social media is hard but not impossible. From buzzy skincare start-up, REN Clean Skincare to LVMH-funded luggage label Rimowa, some young brands have managed to cut through the noise. In this article, we will be looking at various points to consider when creating your marketing strategy.

Define Your Purpose and Mission

The Art of storytelling has been more important as it is in today’s marketing landscape. With well over 3 billion individuals using Instagram daily, one may be tempted to throw large sums at online ads to generate views. With the average user beginning to shy away from sponsored content and wary of Ads, your brand’s story, purpose and mission will have to be at the heart of your marketing campaigns and customer connection. Today’s consumers are more loyal to brands that claim a larger purpose than just selling products. Young fashion and beauty brands, in particular, need to articulate a distinct point of view or run the risk of competitors copying their approach. Remember a brand’s purpose does not need to take up a lofty cause, as long as it’s clear, differentiated, and digestible.

The Challenge

Identify the challenges of growing YOUR brand online. Is it the lack of followers, awareness, or lack of quality content? With the growth of easy to use technology, building a brand does not need massive amounts of seed capital. One does not need to rely on traditional platforms such as magazines, department stores, or even celebrities to get their product on the open market. As a result, an entrepreneur or designer cannot focus only on developing their products. Today they must be their retailers, influencers, and media outlets — an expensive and complicated balance that requires a clear, simple brand identity and genuine purpose to stand against the largest brands in the market. Through Facebook, Instagram, Google and other popular and emerging online platforms available today, brands can target prospective customers in increasingly precise ways. But these online markets can be inefficient and expensive if not approached carefully. It is best to research your market, look at competitors who may be further along than you, and always try and come up with creatives ways to tell your story.

Building Community Online and Off

Building offline should and must be part of your brand’s marketing strategy. Offline activities can directly impact your brand’s online presence. Having pop-up stores, collaborations and high impact ads can drastically improve your brand’s visibility when you do not have a large marketing budget. The use of various social media platforms and messaging sites can also help build your community both online and offline. Messaging sites such as Buffer, Mention and Whatsapp Business are seriously making waves in the community development sector. These tools can be used to engage directly with your community and keep them up to date of any activities, giveaways and news directly from your bran. Great service offline grantees you will have brand ambassadors online, so giving the best service is expected.

Working with Outside Partners

“It’s really about being strategic in how can you amplify a moment to give it the biggest exposure.”
— Nancy Twine

Collaborating with fellow brands and platforms has long been a play to improve visibility. Multi-brand retailers have long served as strategic partners to emerging brands, directing their audiences to discover new labels and support them with their marketing budgets. The tradeoff is that the wholesale partner, not the brand, controls the direction of these efforts. New brands need to piggyback on those larger strategies without losing their identity. Like-minded brands can also team up to deliver new experiences and products that engage both communities to deliver sales.

Creating Distinctive Visual Content

With fashion and beauty businesses, images are more important than words. Brands need visual signatures and a nonstop stream of fresh, evolving imagery across as many social media platforms as possible to establish and maintain a point-of-view with your market. Work on building your audio and video components within your marketing strategy. Building trust and transparency are all integral to help your brand grow authentically and sustainably.

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