How to start selling your artwork online.

The Internet. An endless ocean of possibilities and opportunities. When the dot com bubble burst in the early 2000s we saw the rise of eCommerce and everyone saw an easy route to their customers. 

Many artists, myself included, believe all I have to do is set up an Instagram page or Facebook page and the fans will come screaming. Wrong. After months of waiting for a customer, I realized I was not marketing myself properly. I thought I could do it alone and my work would speak for itself. With customers being very fickle grabbing their attention can be very hard and below are some tricks and notes as to how to grab their attention.

  1. Blog – I know it takes a lot to constantly be writing and posting blog entries but it does work. Your audience wants to get to know you almost feel like they are buying from a friend. They also love a back story to your artworks. What inspired them, what moment was captured etc. 
  2. Post Regularly – It might seem like you have to put a lot of effort into selling your work. Good because you do. Having as many social platforms as possible is a good way to attract as many customers as possible. Building a following means constantly reminding people you exist. Use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and forums 
  3. Don’t give up – At the beginning your following will be small, growing the following times and it’s quality over quantity. Set goals to also make sure you are within your goals 
  4. Start on selling platform first – Creating a website and running it can be super expensive especially when you do not have a solid fan base yet. Start on Marketplaces like Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. Find one that speaks to your needs. Each brings different needs to different artists at different stages of their careers. Joining big platforms like Etsy can also have downfall if you are staring out so aim for niche platforms like Boast-iD especially if you are not represented by a gallery. With these followers, you can then move to your own website. 

Successful marketing is a continuous and cumulative process. Many artists will embark on a marketing campaign, not see any results quickly and then give up their efforts. It is the artist who markets their art on a continuous and consistent basis who achieves successful results.

Hope this helps. 

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