Lotus * Infinite Potential

Very often I have these small moments with myself…when I stop for a while and think how grateful I am …to life, to people, to family, friends, and god. I feel gratitude penetrating me! Finally, those trials I’ve been through now show me the purpose of why I had to cross them all in my past.

For many years I was feeling trapped by myself, by the society I was living in and by everyone that was surrounding me.

When it was a moment in my life that made me take the decision of getting away from all these no matter the consequences, the risks, the fear and the payment of losing everything. 

And so I left all alone with a trembling heart and body to explore the unknown and to see what awaits me in the future. 

In the beginning, everything was so difficult and rough. I was feeling pain but I didn’t give up. I continued and against all odds I started seeing small sunbeams brightening little by little and day by day my life. Now I can see how losing everything actually makes you richer. Wealthier of values, experiences, and feelings. Bringing you closer to happiness and love. 

By launching the Lotus brand of jewelry I want to dedicate all that to everyone (including myself) who now might be finding (found) darkness. But….just hold on a little more and you will see…

And for those who ask me “Why Lotus?” here comes the answer. 

Anybody who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite plant.

The flower always looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond.

Because of this, the “Lotus” has come to be associated with purity and beauty against all the adversities that a soul might have been through~ Infinite Potential

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