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With everything going on this year from COVID – 19 to increased ecological disasters and the rapid loss of wildlife. Caring for our environment has never been more critical to our survival. Its time to go sustainable and here at Boast-iD we support that.

Lush leaves from the seedling of pineapples

For the longest time sustainably in consumer products has been relegated to a niche”‘ area, only accessible by the wealthy. No one has used this term more than fashion houses and beauty companies to puddle their overly priced items to their consumers. With the rise of fast fashion, we have seen the complete disregard of safety protocols, working conditions, and environmental impact. For years companies such as H&M, Zara have been accused, rightly so, of environmental crimes and horrible working conditions. Luckily with more awareness and consumers demanding better of their brands we have seen small gains in better production processes, material production, and emission-reducing plants but the majority of the materials we still use are not eco-friendly. A majority of corporate brands still operates under an unsustainable, fast-fashion model.

What does being a sustainable brand mean

The fashion industry’s current efforts amount to little more than lip service. The pursuit of sustainability is a vast, hazy, yet ever more urgent task. Is fashion truly becoming more sustainable? Or is the concept just another trend? Over the past couple of years we have since an increase in ethical brands, brands that use innovative processes, use sustainable production and reduce toxin and environment damage but most importantly support a network of talented artisans in developing communities. Brands such as Quazi Design,  who are empowering local women artisans in Eswatini, to Olooh Concept, an Ivorian label using eco-friend and sustainable product in partnership with local communities. My personal favorite is Suave Kenya, a Kenyan label that is using unwanted fabrics and leathers, offers a variety of bold or subtle prints and patterns.

Women in sustainable brand. Image on Printsome Blog

How We Plan to Help

With any business, market access is paramount to its survival. Here at Boast-iD we have taken the decision to open up our platform to Artists and sustainable brands. Whether its in the the realms of Fashion, Beauty and Wellness, and Interior Design. If your brand uses innovative materials, has a social impact, or uses sustainable processes we would love to help. From offering a free storefront to helping with inventory and shipping management and brand management. Continuously helping you reach our goals and linking our vendors with ethical partners to help you grow sustainably. Not only do we help you sell but we also help you learn. In the coming weeks, we plan to launch an educational section that will help you launch your sustainable business.

A call to action and mantra

Now I can go about fast fashion and how evil it is,but we need to remember as consumers we hold the power. Power to align our hard earn money to our chosen causes. The power to demand better from our brand. And the power to change the status quo. Remember that and support true sustainability.

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