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When the founder of Pepper Row, Omafume Niemogha, embarked on creating a brand, honouring her roots and showcasing African crafts, played a major role in the creation of Pepper Row. Her collections are best described as Neo African luxury, with an emphasis on traditional fabrics, statement pieces and vibrant colours. A frequent collaborator with local artisans, Omafume believes that sustainability and local engagement should and must be part and parcel of any brand’s mission.

We met with the founder of Pepper Row to discuss her passion for sustainability, her mission and what she believes Pepper Row will look like in the future.

Firstly, what motivated you to start your brand? 

My passion and love to promote African crafts and tell authentic stories through fashion.

Cloed Kimono Set
Kimono Set by Pepper Row

 What does sustainability mean to you and how does that show through your brand?

Sustainability to me means making conscious choices across the product’s life cycle, from design, to production to consumption, ensuring that the processes involved in production are not harmful to the environment, whilst enriching the lives of the small communities where the clothes are made. Designing quality fabrications and styles that are classic and will be worn with love and respect for the earth is what we aim to achieve with each collection.

How has community shaped you as a designer?

My Community has shaped me as a designer to respect people, respect their craft, accept and love people for who they are and collaborate with them from their own point of view. They have also motivated me to add value and empower people.

Hand Painted Camp Shirt and Trousers Set
Hand Painted Camp Shirt and Trousers Set

Lastly, what impact do you want to see your brand accomplishing in 5 years

We hope to see our brand discover, engage and empower more artisanal communities in Africa, whilst merging technology with authentic stories, arts and craftsmanship that translate globally. We hope to use technology and sustainability to solve various fashion problems.

As an emerging brand from Africa, Pepper Row is shining a light on the intricate and tradition fabrics that have been used for centuries. From natural dye and weaving, old and durable techniques, the new wave of African durability has found a home.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@boast-id.com

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