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Who would have thought 2020 would be the year of the humble Mask. Many have heeded the call to stay safe indoors and if you do venture out a cover-up. In most countries, governments have made it compulsory to wear protective items.
With many medical companies ramping up production for the coveted item many fashion houses have also taken the opportunity to add the mask in their clothing line. In Kenya, fashion and furniture designers are using their time and craft to make face masks for those living in slums, In New York City many residents are purchasing floral face mask crafted at home or purchased on Etsy while in South African designers are selling hand made masks through their social media platforms.

Some mask designs have proven to be massive hits while others are comical but what is starkly obvious is how the global shortage of PPE has paved the way for small-time business and helpful strangers to sell their designs while proving an essential service. Some companies have launched a one-for-one initiative: for each mask sold, they donate another to essential workers.

But like everything in life we are seeing the haves and the have not. Many are viewing their artful masks as a fashion statement with prices ranging from $15-$100 per masks, yep you saw that right $100!
But as more and more people gather outdoors, it’s wise to always ensure you bring some type of face-covering when you leave the house whether its a mask or bandanna.

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