Why Art will always be relevant.

Art is the purest form of human expression. There is no other descriptive and yet abstract way to express feelings that cannot be iterated. What is so universal about art is that it can come in an array of forms such as words which can be poems, songs, and books. Another form is drawings, paintings, sketches, photography, and dance; which I consider art which is a form of physical expression.

Art has a way to elicit feelings in people who encounter it, feelings that are not always universal. That is to be expected when you consider that humans are the most diverse species to date. Our uniqueness and diversity are what should be celebrated and art has always had a way of being people who are different together.
Today, trends are what makes the world tick. Unfortunately, most of these trends come and go almost as quickly as they come. With the widespread use of social media, many things come and go in popularity. One thing that can never go out of style or lose its power is art, a piece that was painted in the 90s can s ll be relevant and enjoyed today; the same way a piece painted today can be enjoyed 50 years from now.

Art from Africa has been enjoyed in countries like Europe, in their galleries, their homes. The right for them to have that art displayed is an issue for another day, but the point remains that art can touch the feelings and hearts of any person from anywhere and make them forget about any animosity and any differences. Art is inherently peaceful by being an elicitor of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. No trend, no border, can ever change that. It will always remain to be the one thing the world can enjoy in any mood, political/economical or social climate. It often displays these themes and allows for stories that cannot be told conventionally to be relayed to different audiences. Art will always be the biggest storyteller and the best form of expression known to men, one we will always enjoy and have, no matter what.

Art is a connector of people, transcends any race, gender, economic level, and even borders. Throughout history art has connected people from all over the world, art is versa le and can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. Art will always be alive as long as we keep making it and sharing it.

-by Wendy Mafela

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