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Let’s face it marketing isn’t what it use to be. The trusted newspaper ad made room for the shinny TV ad and then radio blast but even those methods had to make room for the new player on the block: Social Media. Brands flocked to social media sites in droves experimenting with trendy aesthetics and paid ads grabbing any influencers to sing their praises. But with social sites increasingly becoming saturated, brands are once again forced to reconsider how and in what format do they reach their audiences.

The rise of the Editorial brand is seen by many as a long-term marketing strategy to build trust, community and give followers an update. Shifting from ‘Brand Story’ to ‘Brand Perspective’ has gained momentum recently with the rise of BlackLiveMatters protests, Conscious Shopping, and demands for social reforms from the massive companies. Brands such as LVMHCartierNet-a-Porter, and Farfetch have successfully built or acquired content channels that serve to create content for their products and air their views on where the brand stands on social issues and environmental projects.

Editorial content is launched from your brand’s identity. And according to Forbes, strengthening this identity through editorial content has a powerful effect on consumers: “Not only does it boost your overall presence, but it creates content to share on social channels and fosters a more personal identity that your consumers can relate to.” 

Foundations of Editorial Marketing

So let’s talk about how to this editorial marketing approach into practice. At the highest level, it’s about sharing interesting information in interesting ways. The brief is different, the output is different, and your customers/ community’s response will be different. Below are some of the crucial steps Brand should take when developing their content strategy:

  • Know Your Product Inside Out and how it applies to your intended community
  • Know what your community is interested in hearing from you
  • Outline Your Unquie Offer
  • Create content in a way that doesn’t feel like an Ad but a piece of media
  • Be consistent in your messaging and don’t give mixed signals
  • Be open and honest
  • Your content should be consistent with your other channels you may be using

Different editorial options to get you started

  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Successful marketing tactics don’t need to always be flashy and page-jumping to be successful. Especially in today’s market, less is often more.

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